This site contains some fascinating effects built by the Dynamic html guru himself. Even if your not too much into Dhtml you might want to go, just to check it out.                              

    Cnet is a great place to find software shareware and freeware If your looking for answers or even technology news.  One visit might lead to another and another.........     

   This is one of my favorites,  If your looking for a way to save space on your hard drive WinZip will help out and besides serious compression it has many great features.


   What would the world do without Java? This is a great place to get free JavaScripts - Just cut'n paste.


   For those who just can't get enough 3D (Like me!) It's not VRML,  it's better  -  get Metastream.


   This program helps upload your files to the internet vary sophisticated vary nice.


   In my personal opinion, the people at Honda are making the waves of the future with cutting edge technology.

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